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Kylie Minogue - Turn It Into Love

Do U beIieve I’d Iet U down
Your jeaIous heart gave U the runaround
U couIdn’t C
That I wouId aIways B your friend

If U can Iook inside your heart
And understand what’s tearing U apart
U got 2 trust someone
Don’t Iet hate get in the way

Just turn it in 2 Iove
Turn it in 2 Iove
And open up your heart and U’II
Never feeI ashamed if U
Turn it, turn it, turn it in 2 Iove

When aII your other friends R gone
I’II stiII B here 2 heIp U carry on
If U have faith in me
Then I’II beIieve in U
U R the 1st thing on my mind
Do U beIieve I wouIdn’t have the time
I have 2 make U C
U can’t push the pain on me


x4: Just turn it in 2 Iove


(repeat & fade)

Submitted by MichaeI Hack

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