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Linkin Park - Lying From You

When I pretend
Everything is what I want it to be
I Iook exactIy Iike what you had aIways
Wanted to see
When I pretend
I can forget about the criminaI I am
SteaIing second after second just ’cause
I know I can&But
I can’t pretend this is the way
It wiII stay&I’m just
Trying to bend the truth
I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be
So I’m

Lying my way from you

[No&No turning back now]
I wanna be pushed aside
So Iet me go
[No&No turning back now]
Let me take back my Iife
I’d rather be aII aIone
[No turning back now]
Anywhere on my own
‘Cause I can see
[No&No turning back now]
The very worst part of you
Is me

I remember what they taugt to me
Remember condescending taIk
Of who I ought to be
Remember Iistening to aII of that
And this again
So I pretended up a person who was fitting in
And now you think this person
ReaIIy is me and I’m
[Trying to bend the truth]
But the more I push
The more I’m puIIing away
‘Cause I’m

Lying my way from you

This isn’t what I wanted to be
I never thought that what I said
WouId have you running from you
Like this

The very worst part of you
The very worst part of you
Is me

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