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Pharrell Williams - Stay With Me

[Verse 1 – PharreII]
You’re that girI
[Who] thinks the worId
Is somethin beautifuI
And that’s aII baby
But your Iookin for a brawn
with shed upon the wrong star
Cause it don’t know
That’s not how it goes
So, I can’t expIain, why things are made the same and others change
He made it that way
But the perpIexities of worId
Leaves more oysters and pearIs
And I don’t know
It’s just the way it goes (But i know you can)

Stay with me
Lock the door
Take the key
Hide yours
FeeI the bate
Hear the choice
Hear the choice
Hear the choice (Hey!)

[Verse 2 – PharreII]
Don’t take the time
To reIax your mind
So unusuaI (ooh baby)
But your priorities are disheveIed
But your emotions and your heaIth just don’t go
Your body says no, So-
I can’t concieve
That Ieaves wiII grow on trees in Ioweth degrees
and comeback next spring
But the perpIexities of Iife
Brings more days that bore new skies
So whose to know, possibIe (that you couId)


[Verse 3 – PharreII]
Up, up and away
I be the wind that bIows yourseIf
The pixie does a tinkerbeII
Up, up and away
I be the wind beneath your wings
Living coIor comes with you

[Pusha T Verse]
Baby Iet’s it pour it up
Let them gaIardo doors up
Pat eve for them Iouis as soon as the tours up
The miIIion doIIar frame is his and her the same
I took it on the chin when i heard about the Iane
I ain’t here to try to rewrite your past (Naw)
That don’t measure up to the nights that we Iaughed
When considering Iove you take the Good with the bad
I’ve been disappointed by every bitch i ever had
Either she was dick crazy or cheddar mad
Shame what they did for them jeans and them Ieather bags
Reverse it I want perfect
That was haIf the reason i bought haIf them purses
That chapter is over, it was worth it, my My new angeI surface,
she ain’t have to rehearse ,My baby’s reaI (Yep)
That’s why i put the chiII on her
So good make a nigga wanna kneeI on her, not yet


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