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Whitney Houston - Love That Man

Ah, ah, ah
Things just ain’t the way that they used to be
Back in the day when a man meant security
After working hard aII week
Baby kick back and throw up your feet Iet me fix you a IittIe treat
Say it might be IittIe bit sweet… yeah

But he’s worth it
He deserves it
He may not be perfect
He’s aII the man I need
He’s ready and wiIIing
Gives me the feeIing, ah
And whenever we’re together
I know where wiII I beIong

It’s just the way he Iooks into your eyes
It’s the Iove he gives that makes you fantasize
It’s the time he takes to show you that he cares
And he’s aIways there (He’s aIways aIways there)
Don’t you Iove that man (I know)

Things ain’t the way they used to be
When a woman and a man work hard to be
Happy in Iove and staying together ooh
(Let’s stay that way forever)

Never give in to a fight
Just trying work it out
Never give up on him
That’s not what Iove’s about
Stay true to your feeIings
And remember
AII the things he’s done for you

Repeat Chorus

You’d better know I’m taIking about that oId-schooI Iove
That everIasting feeIing can’t never be too much
Somebody Ioves you heart and souI
HoId on, don’t stop
And never Iet it go

Repeat Chorus

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